Strenghening global awarennes in the local communities – Kolping 2020 Strategy

This project Strengthening global awareness in the local communities - Kolping 2020 Strategy wants to make a contribution to the following priorities identified for the Europa 2020 strategy:


  • Smart growth: developing knowledge and innovation in training process in the field of global education
  • Sustainable growth: promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive activities based on sustainable development as a part of global education
  • Inclusive growth: fostering global education delivering social and territorial cohesion in the world. The project objective is to strengthen the quality, relevance and European perspective of adult education in the field of global education and learning practices through European cooperation and exchange. The overall aim of the project is to:

1. raise the competences and skills of key staff in adult education (focused on global education) and the key competences for active citizenship in order to increase the quality of teaching to make it relevant to the needs of time and society at large (linked to the objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training of The Erasmus+ Programme). Moreover the project shall contribute to the achievement of the promotion of European values like respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities (linked to general objective of The Erasmus+ Programme). Education and training has a prominent place in the Europe 2020 strategy. The fields of global education can make a major contribution to help tackle the key challenges that Europe is facing both now and in the next decade.

Planned project activities combine innovation and complementary activities. There is a lack of a common thought-out tactics to support developing countries focused on strengthening of civil society in partner countries based on the education of adults in the field of global education. Preparing a common strategy – “Kolping 2020 Strategy - innovative practice within global education” will create synergy effect and enable the participating countries to gain experience in international cooperation focused on global education and to produce better quality of offered education. Preparing the strategy concerning joint activities in global education is an innovative activity. In general, joint action in the field of global education is a new way so far not achieved at European level among the participating organisations. Moreover, project activities involving the exchange of good practice, knowledge about activities in other countries - giving new impulses for trainers dealing with this issue in every countries is a complementary action to activities carried out locally/regionally or at national level. Hence, the project strengthening global awareness in the local communities - Kolping 2020 Strategy supports activities in order to implement innovative practices basing on know-how of other partners and to implement innovative strategic cooperation between adult learning providers.

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