Smart communication, smart youth participation

The main aim of the project is to develop common, innovative coherent communication and promotion Kolping system for increase quality of youth work and youth social and participation impact in Europe by exchange the best practices in strategic partnership.

To achieve the aim project is need to  defined, transfer and describe communication and promotion innovative tools/solution which could be use in youth work. It should be projected to gain following aims in youth work:


  • use of ethical, socially responsible communication language
  • increase the involvement of young people for the citizens actions and for the common good supported by new technologies and social media
  • build youth identity on different level: local, national and European supported by external communication and promotion tools
  • enhanced education of  young people supported by PR and marketing tools

The aim of the project has impact for promoting empowerment, open to cross-sectorial cooperation and the active citizenship of young people through develop adequate communication and promotion tools and due to increase quality of communication with young people to promote engagement and active participation on different social, public, cross-sectorial level. The strategy of the communication dedicates develompent of youth staff skills in 4 key communication acpects: external communication, internal communication, integration, international communication. The project offer workshops and intellectual output which help define and develop skills in such topic:

a) New technologies and social media tools in youth work

The program presents how to use new technology and social media  in youth work, how to engage young people to help other people and not be indifferent provides fundraising charity companies using crowdfunding tools, how to create thanks to new technologies altitudes of responsibilities, active citizenship and participation in social life.

b) Communication and promotion tools using for social events

The program presents what kind of communication and PR tools and socially responsibility language  using to promote social event, how to engage young people by adequate promotion to take participation in social event and how to enhance of the impact of the event among young people

c) Internal communication and promotion tools to build identity of the groups.

The program presents how to use internal communication and promotion tools in work groups, how promotion images can support integration in the group process, how to provide communication inside the group to integrate the group and build identification and identity

d) Motivation and teambuilding

The program present how to use communication tools to enhanced social involvement of young people, how to provide internal communication to underline motivation of the members of the groups to be more responsible of own personal development and self– helped process.

e) International communication and promotion tools to enhanced links between different European youth groups.

Program presents what kind of communication tools provides on the international level to have efficient results in European integration and building identity. What kind of PR and marketing tools use on the international level to communicate youth of Europe the problems, solutions, proper altitudes, how provide educational actions among youth Europe  using communication and promotion tools on the European level.

f) Enhancement empowerment, bottom-up youth initiatives by communication and promotion tools

The program present topic connecting with building links between many different local youth groups, promote youth bottom-up initiatives, how to build communication on the national level between youngsters groups, how to promote the best practices and results of youth social work.

The project wants to make contribution to the following priorities identified for the Europa 2020 strategy:

  • SMART GROWTH-delevopeing knowladge and innovation in youth work in field of communication and promotion
  • SUSTINABLE GROWTH-promoting more efficient approach and competitive avtivities based on sustinable development of an youth organization
  • INCLUSIVE GROTH-fostering territolial cohesion due to universal common social responsibility tools in youth work.
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