COFFEE - Cooperation for fair economy and education


The main assumptions of the project are to educate youth workers from involved partner organizations about different ways of rising youth employment using different available resources, tools and mechanisms and to equip youth with key competences needed for labour market by increasing European and Partners country cooperation.


Project connect the following partner organisations: 

  • Fundacja Dzieła Kolpinga w Polsce- FDK
  • Fundación Padre Adolfo Kolping A.C. Mexico-FPKM
  • Obra Kolping en HondurasOKH 
  • Organizatia Centrala a Familiilor Kolping din Romania- KOR
  • Langen Kaffee GmbH- LK 
  • Malopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration- MiSTIA


Project COFFE-cooperation for fair economy and education aims to:

  • foster cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth work with emphasis on increasing youth employment between Programme Countries (Poland, Germany, Romania) and Partner Countries (Honduras, Mexico)  thanks to creation and improvement partnership among organizations active in youth work to empower young people on labour market, especially to assist youth in an integrated way
  • improve the quality of youth work and non-formal learning in all countries taking part in the project, especially due to education of youth workers
  • promote transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries, especially targeting young people with fewer opportunities, with a view to improving participants' level of key competences and fostering their active participation in society due to creation of cooperation between youth organizations based on mobility activities
  • empower youth organisations to rise youth employment thanks to realization of capacity building project and to cooperation, networking and peer-learning activities fostering efficient management and gaining new ideas, methods and tools

One of the aims of the project is to create, on the basis of national experience, the best practice toolkit

“Model of youth leaders development for fair economy and education”. These materials will represent a synthesis of various national experiences and a tool for reflection on methods which youth organisations will be able to use throughout Europe and Partner countries.

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