Active citizenship by making life long learning among Seniors a reality
The project "Active citizenship by making lifelong learning among seniors a reality”, Agreement number 2018-1-PL01-KA204-051144, is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education.
The project collects 5 partners from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Bulgaria in strategic partnership.
The main aim of the project is to support older people (60+) in acquiring and developing key competences, in order to foster socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life. Moreover the project implementation will contribute to addressing diversity and promote – in particular through and integrated approaches – ownership of shared values, equality, and non-discrimination and social inclusion through preparing, testing and evaluating - directed at seniors – tools for educators and trainers using also ICT –tools – to activate and educate seniors in the area of global education related to the current challenges of the modern world.
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