Name:           Fundacja Dzieła Kolpinga w Polsce

Address:       ul. Żułowska 51, 31-436 Kraków, Poland



Fundacja Dzieła Kolpinga w Polsce (FDK) with the headquarter in Krakow, was registered in 2007 as a joint Polish-German initiative to support and strengthen the co-operation of the development of civil society and of the protection of human rights and freedom in Poland and developing countries, East Europe, Africa and Latin America.


Foundation’s activity is carried out in the areas of education, culture, social support and self- including:

  • initiating and supporting social projects in the country and abroad
  • organizing seminars, conferences, meetings and workshops, courses and other forms of education, including supporting the international exchange of experience in the field of global education
  • conducting educational activities to professionalise qualifications
  • co-operation with local authorities, government and NGOs by educational and publishing activities.

Name:           Andragoški zavod Maribor-Ljudska univerza (AZM-LU); 

                      Maribor Adult Education Centre

Address:        Maistrova ulica 5, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia



Andragoški zavod Maribor-Ljudska univerza (Maribor Adult Education Centre) is a public adult education institution with a staff of 18. It provides formal (elementary school for adults, VET) and informal (language courses, ICT courses, study circles etc.) education for adults of all ages. Approximately 3000 learners benefit from the courses and services offered. It is also an educational guidance centre, working with disadvantaged individuals (seniors, early school leavers, migrants/refugees, the Roma, the disabled, the unemployed, inmates etc.). AZM brings expertise and experience in work with disadvantaged individuals and groups as learners, including reaching, motivating, counselling and educating according to specific group needs.


Name:               Kolping International Association

Address:           Kolpingplatz 5 – 7, 50667 Köln, Germany



KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Association e.V. is the Kolping Society’s department specialised in the field of development co-operation. It actively combats poverty by helping people to help themselves: Vocational Training and further education, micro credits and programs on rural development help strengthening the individual person so that he or she can change his or her life in a positive way by own means. As international organisation, the KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Association e.V. is the most important partner of the national Kolping Societies around the world and gives them advice and support in the implementation of the projects as well as in the development of new groups and associations. The main focus of its work are vocational training programs and the promotion of small enterprises through income-generating projects in the craft sector and in the field of agriculture. Small enterprises of the informal sector are encouraged through small credits to buy tools, machines, raw materials or seeds, to start livestock farming, dairy cattle farming or to improve their cultivation methods etc. Moreover, the craftspeople and small farmers are provided with technical advice and training. Through vocational training and further education programs conducted at the Kolping Vocational Training Centres and training workshops young people receive the qualifications that are necessary to enter the labour market.


Name:               Kolpingovo dielo na Slovensku (Kolping Society Slovakia)

Address:           Štiavnické Bane č.76                         
                         SK- 969 81 Štiavnické Bane



The Kolping Society in Slovakia, established in March 1995, is an association focusing on social issues and education. In recent years we have focused on training in parenthood, topics ranging from life-work balance, co-existence of 3 generations a dialogue between generations and an effective way of bringing children up. Besides we are trying to play an active role in helping the unemployed to access the labor market as well as to develop social assistance on the volunteering basis, to sensitize public to the problems of disadvantaged groups and to motivate them to set up in business.


Name:                Avangard Personal Consulting Ltd

Address:            2 E, Russia Blvd., p.b. 133

                          9300, Dobrich          



Avangard Personal Consulting Ltd was established in 2003 as a consultancy and training company. Its mission is to provide complex services (consultancy and coaching, vocational and soft skills trainings) in the field of human resources management and organizational development.


Some of the main activities of the company are:

  • training for adults – soft skills trainings, seminars, teambuildings, training of trainers;
  • consulting for organizational development;
  • human resources planning - defining the companies' needs regarding the human resources and formulating appropriate activities for achieving the organization's purposes;
  • employee motivation - creating adjustments and willingness for work and optimal realization of the employee potential;
  • motivation of people at risk of social exclusion;
  • psychological diagnostic and consulting - using specialized psychological instruments for individual and group work with the staff
  • personnel career consulting - career consulting of employees, unemployed people and students.



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