Third TPM meeting in Slovenia


In the period 01.- 02.10.2019 the 3rd transnational partner meeting under the Erasmus+ project “Active citizenship by making lifelong learning among seniors a reality” was held. It took place in Maribor, Slovenia and was hosted by our partners from #AndragoškiZavod Maribor - Ljudska univerza.

The meeting started with a presentation of the activities of the AZ-LU, with emphasis on their University of the 3rd Age, where various training activities for people of the 3rd age are offered, incl. ICT, language, arts&crafts courses.


Then we had the opportunity to join an English course for seniors during which the trainer Mateja Pihlar from AZ-LU demonstrated different techniques in teaching foreign languages to seniors.

We got acquainted in more detail with the activities of The Regional Multigenerational Centre (#VGCStajerska) – a project for a wide variety of activities dedicated to the cooperation between the different generations and the different social groups in the society (incl. children, young people, retired people, homeless etc.) and their active involvement in the social life of the community.

The afternoon continued with an interesting practical demonstration of the herbalist Poljanka Gros, who actively works with seniors and organizes for them various workshops dedicated to the herbs knowledge, incl. recognition of herbs and their uses in the culinary, cosmetics and the arts.

The first day of the meeting ended with an informative visit of The Maribor Regional Museum (www.museum-mb.si).


The second day of the meeting was also very interesting – we had the opportunity to look a little closer into the daily life of the beautiful Maribor – we witnessed the traditional farmers’ market in the city center. Also got a closer look at the activities of The Maribor University Library (www.ukm.um.si), which was established in 1903, in 1975 is one of the founders of The University of Maribor, has 1 147 427 units of library materials and a lot of valuable special collections. We visited a catholic cathedral – The Maribor Cathedral, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. Our hosts showed us also one of the prides of the city “Stara Trta” (www.staratrta.si) - the oldest vine in the world, which has been growing in the old city center for more than 400 years. The vine`s exceptional age is also noted in the Guiness Book of Records as a world attraction.


In the afternoon, there was an interesting presentation of activities and a short cultural program in “The House of All Generations” (#HišaVsehGeneracijKungota) in the village Zgornja Kungota – this is an initiative established by the Municipality of Kungota in the year 2013. It hosts and organizes numerous activities and events and is developing as a core hub for a wide range of diverse smart actions, ensuring integrational involvement and cooperation between the generations.


The project “Active citizenship by making lifelong learning among seniors a reality” is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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