Fourth TPM meeting in Germany


The 4th partner meeting within the Erasmus + project “Active Citizenship by Making Lifelong Learning Among Seniors a Reality” took place in Cologne, Germany in the period 02 – 05.12.2019 and was organised by german  partner - Kolping International Association (KIA).


The meeting was attended by 17 representatives of the five partner organizations: Fundacja Dziela Kolpinga from Poland, Kolpingovo dielo na Slovensku from Slovakia, Andragoski zavod Maribor-Ljudska univerza from Slovenia, Avangard Personal Consulting from Bulgaria and the hosts - Kolping International.


The main topic of the meeting was development cooperation and global learning on the example of the activities provided by Kolping International. The participants dicussed the ways how to prepare classes for Seniors about global responsibility.


The general objective of the classes was to prepare seniors to face the challenges of all humanity and to make them aware of the importance of global interdependence and to force them for penetration of cultural, environmental, economic, social, political and technological systems.


The immediate goal of the classes was to explain the causes and consequences of global problems affecting the modern world, increase the number of people understanding the world as a complex and dynamically changing system, develop critical thinking skills, overcome existing stereotypes and prejudices and show the individual's influence on global processes and the impact of global processes on the individual.


The questions connected with development cooperation and global learning was presented on the example of activities and project implemented since 50 years by the International Kolping Society. The best practices of german partner was presented with the focus on activities adressed to Seniors and described with teh support of  the educational materials.


The first workshop’s day started with the presentation of educational activities provided by Kolping International Association which are coordinated by Sigrid Stapel – responsible for development cooperation between dioecesan Kolping Associations in Germany and their partners in 60 countries worldwide.


Next lector explained the development activities on the example of African partners from Tansania and Uganda and showed the ways for cooperation and common activities with Seniors from European countries.


In the afternoon the group discussed together with Walter Mahr from Hamburg the opportunities for Seniors to work as a volunteer in African countries.   Walter – the retired teacher worked 6 months as an volunteer in Tansania.


On the second day the General Secretary of Kolping International dr. Markus Demele presented the 50 years of experience in development cooperation in the world. He described the most interested examples of engagement in the development and fundraising activities by seniors.  The participants pointed out the best presented examples.


In the afternoon the guests visited etnographic museum „Rautenstrauch – Joest” in Cologne, where the best exponats from all over the world are presented.


On the last day the coordinators evaluated the implemented project activities and the cooperation between the partners. The next dates of upcoming meetings was planned – TPM in Slovakia and 2 blended mobilities for seniors in Slovakia and Bulgaria.

The project “Active citizenship by making lifelong learning among seniors a reality” is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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