Fifth TPM meeting in Poland


On October 11-14, 2021, Krakow hosted an international meeting summarising the implementation of the Erasmus + project entitled "Active citizenship by making lifelong learning among seniors a reality".


The meeting organised by the Foundation of the Work of Kolping in Poland was attended by representatives of partner organisations: 

  •     Kolping International Association from Germany,
  •     Kolpingovo dielo na Slovensku from Slovakia,
  •     Andragoski zavod Maribor - Ljudska univerza from Slovenia
  •     Avangard Personal Consulting from Bulgaria


The aim of the meeting was to summarise the previous international meetings organised by each partner over the past 2 years and to approve the content that will eventually be included in the handbook presenting tools for working with seniors on global education, good practices and innovative methods for engaging older people.


During the workshop, in small international groups, participants analysed methods of working with seniors presented by individual host organisations, gave their opinions on the best tools for educational work with older people, and selected examples of good practices, which on the basis of their opinions and the opinions of seniors participating in the mixed mobility will be included in the handbook summarising project activities.


Among the participants of the workshop, apart from persons involved in the coordination of the project, there were representatives of senior citizens - leaders who animate the life and activities of senior citizen groups operating in each of the partner organisations on a daily basis.


During the meeting, there was time to meet seniors from Kolping Clubs in Poland and to present current senior activities in the area of global education and ecology. The "SOS for Seniors" project - concerning the creation of intergenerational volunteer centres, and the "EKO FIO - silver and green social activity" project - concerning educational and ecological activities carried out by senior citizens - were of particular interest.


The participants, after a long period of lock-down and remote work, had the opportunity to discover the charms of travelling together and visit the most charming corners of Krakow. And all this in a joyful atmosphere caused by the possibility of personal meetings. The participants unanimously agreed that personal contacts, building mutual trust and relationships play a very important role in the education of older people.


In November/December 2021 an online mixed mobility is planned for seniors from each participating country. We warmly invite you to participate! Details coming soon.


The action was implemented under the project "Active citizenship by making lifelong learning among seniors a reality" funded by the European Union within the Erasmus + programme.


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